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Going on record - Live from the RenFest
June 28th, 2007
12:31 am


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Going on record
Ok, so, this wasn't as memorable a game as this one that lightingguy got to experience first hand, but I have now gone on record (albeit in the modest Vacaville Reporter) that "I hate the A's"

My bit, excerpted from the article:
Brian Kameoka of Sacramento was wearing a Rainers hat and a River Cats' T-shirt. A Kansas City native, Kameoka, 35, moved to Northern California from Seattle two years ago, and admitted he was a fan of the Seattle Mariners and Kansas City Royals.

"Actually, I hate the A's," Kameoka said, "but I root for the River Cats."

Kameoka enjoyed the atmosphere of Raley Field and the importance of tradition upheld by the River Cats' organization.

"This is a great park, it's a pro-level field. Some minor league parks aren't all grass. Some have Astroturf for the infield. They're really pure about baseball," Kameoka said. "They built Raley Field for the River Cats, even though they have other events here. But the primary focus is baseball."

The full article is here: 6/27/07 Summer fun is River Cats' meow

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Date:June 28th, 2007 05:26 pm (UTC)
HAHAH - on the record. You can't flip flop now. ;-)
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